November 13, 2011

John Green Week: January 3rd-10th! Announcement and Sign-Ups!

That's right: We're hosting JOHN GREEN WEEK with a bunch of other lovely, lovely bloggers! Because of our love for John Green's books and also because THE FAULT IN OUR STARS is going to be released at the beginning of next year, we decided to host a John Green week dedicated to his awesomeness. 

You can also check out the John Green posts (that are made of awesome) by these amazing bloggers and vloggers who are also hosting John Green Week!

Ginger - (GReads Books)
Priscilla (The Readables)

Joining John Green week allows you to participate in a number of exciting things, including:

1. Signing up because you want to read John Green for the first time (Like Britney!)
2. Signing up and RE-READING John Green books
3. Reviewing John Green's works on your blog
4. Participating in fun John Green posts (favorite John Green videos, top favorite JG moments, etc)
5. Writing and participating in discussion posts that lead up to the release of THE FAULT IN OUR STARS!
6. Entering our giveaway for THE FAULT IN OUR STARS!

Join us in celebrating the awesome that is John Green! To sign up, fill out your info below and help us spread the work :)

Also, be sure to grab a button that the lovely Ginger made for this week:

Sign up below:


April BooksAndWine said...

I'm down. I'll write a post up at some point, I still have to read Paper Towns and Let It Snow.

Also have to order The Fault In Our Stars, ha.

Patrice said...

I would like to participate.

Sarah @ StoryboundGirl said...

Oh! Definitely participating! Love JG!

Vy (Vy's Blog) said...

.... I've actually never read a John Green book. BUT! I will fix that now since I signed up :)

Minda said...

I have two John Green books waiting to be read...Lets do this. LOL.

Arielle said...

I absolutely ADORE that button!!!
So cute and lovely and pays homage to the amazing novel TFIOS that I have pre-ordered months ago!
Looking forward to John Green week.

Angelica said...
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